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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stereo Action Goes Broadway - Dick Schory

Heat Wave
Stereo Action Goes Broadway
Dick Schory's Percussion And Brass Ensemble
Produced by Marty Gold
RCA Victor LSA-2382

From Billboard - July 31, 1961: A group of show tunes engage the attention of Dick Schory and his percussion and brass ensemble on this sparkling new Stereo Action disk. It features the wild ping-pong from speaker to speaker that has been a part of the series, plus bright musicianship and performances.

Huh? Unless one of my speakers has gone dead I don't hear "wild" ping-pong channel hopping on this disk, as compared to some of the other albums found in this series. The stereo on this "Action" entry seems pretty well balanced comparatively speaking. The album features decent (some more "space age" than others) covers of "Broadway" tunes.

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