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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cha Cha Mambo Merengue - Simon Bolivar

Cha Cha, Mambo and Merengue
Simon Bolivar And His Orchestra
Mercury MG 20177

This is an somewhat obscure, but very good space age Latin LP. Inventive and swinging big band tracks backed with a deep, driving bass beat engineered into the sound.

From the back cover: So that you may feast on the variety of rhythmic flavors of this music, Bolivar serves up a platter of four Cha Chas, four Mambos and four Merengues. And that's not all by way of variety. Bolivar uses two separate orchestras: a small one consisting of four trumpets, guitar and five rhythm; and a larger one of four saxes, three trumpets, three trombones and five rhythm.

Love For Sale
Can't I
Merengue Guitar
Day In Day Out
Where Can I Cha Cha Without You
Adelle's Merengue
Mambo Of The Toredores
Janie's Song
Do It Yourself Merengue
Rhapsody El Mambo


  1. Thank heavens there's someone such as yourself posting these songs how they should sound, on vinyl without butchering the fidelity with noise reduction. Thank you very much my friend for what you're doing. :-)

  2. i have the same one with a slightly different cover. It says "Let's Mambo and the entire backdrop is black with the dancers larger than on yours.

    The sound is solid. I picked it out of a donation bin last year. I have been trying to learn more about the artist, but he seems to be obscure. Incredible arranger and composer though.


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