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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Keys And I - Eddie Heywood

Caravan In The Night
The Keys And I
Eddie Heywood
With Joe Reisman And His Orchestra
RCA LPM-1900

This fine album was made after Heywood made a come back from partial paralysis of his hands which affected him in the late 40s.

Eddie Heywood's wiki page.

This is a smart late 50s album. The title plays off the song "The Breeze And I" which was a popular tune to cover at the time. The is a touch of "exotica", "Latin" and "space age" in the mix. The arrangements present twists and turns that help to keep the sound fresh and moving.

Also, I noticed that the bass is right up front in the engineering (sound). I just found that featuring interesting having listened to so many records from this period in which the bass seems more soft or low in volume.

St. Louis Blues
Virgin Isle Vamp
All The Way
Caravan In The Night
The Piccolino
Pom Pom
Land Of Dreams

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