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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hawaii In Ping Pong Percussion

South Sea Drum Chant
Hawaii In Ping Pong Percussion
Lukleani And His Islanders
Pirouette RFM 70

Budget release featuring the typical and pointless "ping-pong" effects tacked onto the beginning of each song. Once past the ping-pong the album features some pretty good steel guitar... although no drums and chanting...


  1. oh dear. oh dear oh dear ... here comes the malfunctioning download blues again :-(

    devilish divshare has done it again (or, better, has note done it again *grin*) : 't is impossible to hear or download the tune, good sir knight.

    could you rectify the aiming, plz? thankx!

    1. Same thing here... was working... not working... uploaded again... now working again... Whatever happened over the past few days may have cause issues with the files... dunno... divshare does not share tech updates...


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