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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today's Top Hits

Ain't Gonna Bump No More
Today's Top Hits
Featuring Telephone Man
By The Homesteaders
Homestead Records HD 2002

Here's another two record exploitation set by The Homesteaders. Check out Today's Top Hits.

All you favorite top hits done up by a studio group packaged in a very thin jacket sporting a photo of some 70s porn hook up with the telephone man.

Of course, if my memory serves me... it was the pizza boy always had the best luck.


  1. i have a soft spot for seventies 'soundalikes' albums such as these : you can often hear the exaggerated effort the singers place in their voices so as to resemble as much as possible the world-famous stars that coughed up the originals.

    so i wish i could listen to this but, alas, divshare won't let me download the file. anything wrong with it? anything wrong with divshare? anything wrong with having a drink at 11 am this morning? to your good health, then ... cheers :-)

    1. I agree about this type of album. The song covers on this album aren't, for the most part, as outrageous as others in my collection. But this track stands out. The file isn't playing for me now. Divshare seems to have it's share of issues and starting last night I couldn't access the server to upload. That issue continues this morning. They always seem to fix these issues, but it takes what seems like forever to do so... No, there is nothing wrong with drinking in the morning just as long as you mix you beverage with orange juice and maybe a bit of yogurt. : )

    2. sorry to be a pain in the bum, but divshare is still unwilling to let me download the file ... dunno how communications are between you and them, but another upload seems in order.

      as for yogurt ... i tried it once, mixed with a hefty shot of bourbon and some ice cubes. i saw all colors of the rainbow dance before my eyes. some people pay heavy money for that!

    3. My issue with uploading was resolved... but this thing about a file working, then not working... that's new. I uploaded the file again and it is working now. I might need a drink!

  2. My father WAS a phone man and he swore it was milkmen who got the you-know-what. A woman whose phone didn't work was in no mood for a little hey-hey.


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