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Monday, December 5, 2011

Popular Science Project 3 Test Record

Sample from side two
Side 1
Side 2
Project 3
Popular Science Test Record
To Set Up/Calibrate/Check Out Quadraphonic System
Total Sound PR401 SQ

Popular Science Magazine promotion produced by Enoch Light and Jess Hest. Side one of this record features a variety of "tests".  Jumped to side two and listen to the music. All I can say is that all "stereo" records should sound this good! Light's engineering was always superb! The sound is amazing.


  1. Amazing. I do quad conversions for fun. Any chance you could do a capture the entire record? I'd love to try and decode it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to. But I have to admit that I've got such a pile of albums here to work my way through I'm not sure if I can make the time to get back to it. You needed a file better than an mp3, yes?

  3. This is pretty clear and crisp stuff...even on my litle Apple powerbook's small speakers. That almost sounds like a "wha-wha" pedal when they do that wyyywy-wyywy sound. but the music is pretty upbeat too. Enoch Light was no dummy. He kinda knew what many of us wanted to hear, before WE knew we wanted to hear it!

  4. I actually did a conversion with the MP3 that you put up and it worked beautifully! If you can't do it, it's all right. I'm enjoying your blog!

  5. Happy that file worked for you. I've posted both sides. Enjoy!

  6. Super awesome! I can't wait to try these. Do you have a home theater with DTS decoding? If so, I can post back to you so you can hear it in Quad. Thank you so very much!

  7. Thank you! But I'm not sure the home theater thing here is firing on all 4s so to speak... I've got a problem with the right front speaker. I'm glad you enjoyed the file. I remember next time to digitize the entire LP first time through. I know that I've got one other in the stack here somewhere.

  8. Hi. How can I download the two quad files? I found a quad decoding program on the internet. After downloading the files, I can easily convert them to WAV. Thanks

  9. If you click on the "divshare" logo in the player... their page should load with the download. Cheers, Mark


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