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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Birchwood Pops Orchestra

He (She) Dance With Me - Waltz theme from The Slipper And The Rose
The Birchwood Pops Orchestra
Pickwick SPC-3581

Wow... Pickwick produced some fun stuff for a budget label. Most of what you may have collected from Pickwick probably doesn't surprise all that much. However this Pickwick LP is unique somehow.

The first two tracks, Evergreen, from A Star Is Born and Car Wash include vocals (hard to believe stuff). But then the album shifts gears and goes into the trippy waltz (that I've posted above). Gonna Fly Now, the theme from Rocky is a cheese synth number which is sandwiched between other more straight forward orchestrated numbers that are nice light pop mood setting tracks.

The engineering is some of the best I've heard from Pickwick.

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  1. Yeah... guilty pleasure. Somewhere in storage in California is my vinyl disc. Was looking for "The Silent Movie" cue.. as I always thought the cue I liked most was this Slipper And Rose. Then Marathon Man and Piper's Dream... good stuff.




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