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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moon Of Manakoora

Hawaiian War Chant
Moon Of Manakoora
Lush Strings
Custom Records CM 2006 Monaural

Saul Bihari, head of Crown Records, announced in a 1965 issue of Billboard a "new label" called Custom. Custom would feature his answer to Living Strings and be sold at discount prices ($1.98 or less). Recordings would be made domestically and in Europe.

There are a number of Lush Strings albums out there, including a few with interesting titles such as Spellbound and Ebb Tide.

This album is fully orchestrated mood that features some nice vocal touches to give the music a hint of tropical mysteriousness. However, I picked a nice dramatic cover of Hawaiian War Chant to feature as the sample above.

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  1. I got a Lush Strings Hawaiian from Craig the other day and it was a different one from this, I think! Funny that they would do more than one of a genre...unless one sold REALLY well!


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