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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Space 1999 Exciting New Hit Series

Space: 1999
Independent Television Corporation 1975
Power Records A Division Of Peter Pan Records, Newark NJ
No. 8162

Splashy cover art and stories created for the purpose of capitalizing on the success of the TV series.

The first track on the A side is a tale that uses "magnetic energy" as a foil. Apparently there was a problem with cell phones and refrigerator magnets on the dark side of the moon. This is serious. "Emergency Code Alpha 1"!

Actually, this is the story about The Moon breaking away from The Earth. The crew on The Moon wants to go back to The Earth. But The Earth is pretty much screwed and a second later a new planet on which it is possible to create new waste dumps filled with cell phones and refrigerator magnets is discovered!

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  1. OH, this is a gem! I adore it! Bad over acting and what's up with the British accents?


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