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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cotton Fields - Arthur Lyman


Cotton Fields
Arthur Lyman
Cover Photo: Werner Stoy - Camera Hawaii
Cover Design: Jac Brahm
Recorded by Richard Vaughn
HiFi Records, Inc.
Life Series STEREO L1010
Everest Records Production

From the back cover: In the 4-member Arthur Lyman Group (which always sounds like 8), you'll hear versatile Leader Lyman playing vibes, marimba, congas, bongos and guitar. Allan Soares, pianist extraordinaire, plays also glockenspiel, chimes, clavietta and special percussive instruments. Bassist John Kramer puts out with a mellow flute and classical guitar. Harold Chang is seemingly everywhere, doubling on xylophone, ukulele, drums (14 of them) and special effects.

From Billboard - April 27, 1963: Lyman has always been a consistent performer in the album derby and a solid push should be generated for this by the single, "Cotton Fields," which is included and spotlighted on the LP jacket. The mood is very much in the usual Lyman style with "Greensleeves," "Hawaiian War Chant" and "Scarlet Ribbons" just a few of the other top-flight tracks beside the title tune

Jungle Drums
Walk On The Wild Side
Limbo Rock (Bossa Nova)
And This Is My Beloved
Hawaiian War Chant (Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai) (Bossa Nova)
Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)
Singing Bamboo
Brazil (Bossa Nova)
Little Girl Blue
Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
I Ain't Down Yet

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  1. Wonderful cover and I love Lyman. The title of the record doesn't exactly fit as Exotica, huh?


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