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Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Perspectives In Piano - David Swift

Like Young
New Perspectives In Piano Sounds
Great Hits Recorded With Maximum Separation Of The Left And Right Hands
David Swift, pianist with orchestra
Workshop Series
Exploring Uncharted Patterns Of Sound
Warner Bros. Records 1441

From the back cover: Through multi-channel recording and re-dubbing, it was possible to record each hand of Swift's individually, not to neglect one hand (as every pianist, to some degree, must) while the other takes the lion's share of the attention.

From Billboard - January 20, 1962: Fine artist on piano by Swift and superb recording and pressing surface are combine in the stereo versions of this album (the sample above is from the mono pressing). The sound separation and ping-pong effects are excellent. There is much variety and movement in such a small combo which features piano, guitar, bass, drums and, on some tracks, Latin percussion.

One of a series of "Workshop" sets featuring an expensive to produce book-fold jacket design printed on a foil stock. Although Warner Bros. experimented on these projects the marketing copy, Exploring Uncharted Patterns Of Sound, seems to be a bit of an oversell if you compare the adventurousness of these sets to competing period stereo releases of the same nature.

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