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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Music For Daydreaming - George Melachrino

Music For Daydreaming
Music For Daydreaming
The Melachrino Orchestra
Conducted by George Melachrino
RCA Victor LPM 1028

Sweet lush strings set and one entry found in the Melachrino concept "Music for..." series.

From the back cover: Webster defines a daydream as "a reverie filled with pleasing, often illusory, visions of anticipation."

The only boundaries, then, are the outer limits of one's own imagination. A daydream can fly you to the uttermost exotic land, bring you the choicest of the world's luxuries even transport you to another planet.

To A Wild Rose
Serenade In The Night
In The Still Of The Night
Star Dust
Moonlight And Roses
By The Sleep Lagoon
Indian Summer


  1. hi, still enjoying the blog. just for correctness this track is Moonlight & Roses not Barcarolle. Cheers, have a good Christmas.


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