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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Percussion Sextet

Fickle Weather
The First Percussion Sextet
RCA Victor LPM-2352

Here we have another album released during the wave of percussion recordings which flooded the market in the early 60s.

This is a live album featuring Bob Swan, Earl Zindars, Bruce Spencer, Chuck Speas, Ralph Roberts and Doug Allen. Direction by C. Warren Hard.

The sound lacks a little depth which might be expected in a live setting. A studio album would have been better showcase for the inventive material. The track Fickle Weather is terrific and takes advantage of the "echoing" nature of the hall setting at West Virginia University. The song is a long and mood setting piece.


  1. Intriguing! Love the cover font. Interesting use of percussion instruments giving it an Exotic feel. I am enjoying it!

  2. Love the blog. You must be the one snapping up all the good stuff in my area ;) I'm from Cincinnati and I'm a huge junk record scrounger! My blog...

  3. LOL! Thanks Richard! I think we are competing against a bunch of folks. It is very hard to find anything good these days! Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your treasure hunting!

  4. Thats my uncle Warren Hard in red, played with Fred Waring, was a Broadway pit guy for 20 years, Annia etc, drummed on Warwicks Promises Promises, vibes on Armstrongs What A Wonderful World even tympani for the BeeGees, born in Chicago 1927 retired now in Florida...Pearl Bailey cosigned when he bought his first house in Leonia NJ!

  5. Hi all! This is actually one of my favorite tracks from the album. My dad is Bruce Spencer, aka Alan Abel, the drummer and infamous hoaxer. I produced a documentary about his life, titled ABEL RAISES CAIN.

    My father also recorded the album, "The Techniques of the Snare Drum." I just posted a track from it that he wrote and performed with some of the above mentioned musicians. It's called, "Serenade to a Sand Dune."


    Jenny Abel

  6. My name is Howard Halpern I worked with Ralph Roberts from 1974 to 1976 We were both percussionists in the Goldman Band We use to give each other work. He was a great player and a great human being He died way before his time


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