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Friday, October 15, 2021

Witchcraft - Chris Connor


Baltimore Oriole

Chris Connor
Arrangements by Richard Wess
Cover Photo: Erich Locker
Cover Design: Marvin Israel
Supervision: Nesubi Ertegun and Ahmet Ertegun
Recording Engineers: Earle Brown, Frank Abbey and Johnny Cue
Atlantic 8032


On Witchcraft, I Hear The Music Now, Like A Woman and You Don't Know What Love Is, Chris Connor is accompanied by Jimmy Nottingham, Bernie Privin, Bernie Glow and Ernie Royal, trumpets; Frank Rebak, Morton Bullman, Chauncey Welsch and Bob Alexander, trombones; George Berg, Phil Bodner, Jerry Sanfino, Al Klink and Romeo Penque, saxes; Hank Jones, piano; Mundell Love, guitar; Milt Hinton, bass; Dom Lamond and Sol Gubin, drums; Phil Kraus, percussion; Bobby Rosengarden,   bongos.

On I'll Never Be Free, Come Rain Or Come Shine, How Little We Know and Just In Time, Chris Connor is accompanied by: Joe Cabot, Doc Severinsen, Bernie Privin and Bernie Glow, trumpets; Morton Bullman, Chauncey Welsch, Bob Alexander and Bob Ascher, trombones; George Berg, Hymie Shorter, Romeo Penque, Jerry Sanfino and Phil Bodner, saxes; Hank Jones, piano, Mundell Lowe, guitar, Milt Hinton, bass; Don Lamond, drums.

On The Lady Sings The Blues, When Sunny Gets Blue, Baltimore Oriole and Skyscraper Blues, Chris Connor is accompanied by George Berg, sax & flute, Phil Bodner, sax, flute and English horn; Fred Klein and Jim Buffington, French horns; Gene Orloff, Tony Bambino, Hinda Barnett, Felix Giglio, Harry Lookofsky, David Montagu, Max Cabn, Arnold Eidus, Harry Katzman, Leo Kruczek, Max Ceppos and Joseph Marlin, violins; Isadore Zir and Henry Pakaln, violas; Maurice Brown and Sidney Edwards, cellos; Sol Gubin, vibes and bells; Hank Jones, piano; Mundell Lowe, guitar, Milt Hinton, bass; Osie Johnson, drums.

From Billboard - November 30, 1957: A fine new album  by Chris Connor that should gas her many, many fans. The thrush is featured here on an outstanding group of pop tunes, including such wonderful items as "Witchcraft," "I'll Never Be Free," "Baltimore Oriole," and "Like A Woman." And she sings then with the style and taste that mark all of her work. The arrangements by Dick Wess swing too. A strong new slicing by the thrush with a most exciting cover.

I'll Never Be Free
The Lady Sings The Blues
Come Rain Or Come Shine
When Sunny Gets The Blues
How Little We Know
I Hear The Music Now
Baltimore Oriole
Just In Time
Like A Woman
Skyscraper Blues
You Don't Know What Love Is

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