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Thursday, October 21, 2021

What Do You Know About Love - Della Reese


Something I Dreamed Last Night

What Do You Know About Love
Della Reese
Orchestra Conducted by Reg Owen (through the courtesy of Palette Records)
Produced by Marty Palitz
Cover Design: Sy Leichman
Photograph: Charles Varon
Jubilee Records 1109
A Product of Jay-Gee Record Co., Inc.
A Division of Cosnat Corp.

From the back cover: Della's narration is sung in twelve chapters. Each chapter is a story all its own, a song all its own. There are questions. There are answers. Most of the songs have been heard before. They have  been treated and told as each singer has felt them. The title song is sung here for the first time. The next 10 songs are standards. The subject is brought to a close in this album on a recent statement written by Gordon Jenkins.

Della Reese recorded What Do You Know About Love? in Brussels. She was making her first appearance at the famed London Palladium, then flew to the Continent. The famed Reg Owen conducted. The arrangements point up the poignancy of her reading. The background of blues, of gospel, of torch, of understanding is clearly evident

Della was born in Detroit. She sang in the Gospels with Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward. She worked with Erskine Hawkins and Jimmy Hamilton. She majored in psychology at Wayne University. She sings with great conviction, intelligence, emotion and the ability to communicate her message.

From Billboard - November 9, 1959: Della Reese's current singles hit on Victor should give this package added sales and spin appeal. Effective mood photo of canary is carried on the cover. Moving vocal performance on such wistful standards as "I'm Nobody's Baby," "I Never Knew," "I'm Thru With You," "I Got It Bad," etc.

What Do You Know About Love?
When I Fall In Love
Something I Dreamed Last Night
I Got It Bad
I'll Never Be The Same
You Better Go Now
I'm Nobody's Baby
I Never Knew
I Thought Of You Last Night
You Don't Know What Love Is
I'm Thru With Love
That's All There Is

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