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Thursday, October 7, 2021

More Amor - Eydie Gorme


Mas Amor

More Amor
Eydie Gorme & The Trio Los Panchos
Produced by Pete Rosaly
Production Consultant: Ken Greengrass
Cover Photo: Columbia Records Photo Studio - Henry Parker
Columbia Records CS 9176

From Billboard - August 14, 1965: Following the success of their first album, "Amor," the winning combination of Gorme and the Trio encore with an even more exciting package of lush latin American love songs. The unique Gorme talent is expanded as she collaborates with husband Steve Lawrence on a tune titled "Mas Amor" which is a highlight in the LP.

Vereda Tropical (Tropical Trail)
Cuatro Vidas (Four Lives)
No Te Vayas Sin Mi (Don't Leave Without Me)
Mas Amor (More Love)
Desesperadamente (Desperately)
Guitarra Romana (Roman Guitar)
Oracion Caribe (Caribbean Prayer)
Flores Negras (Black Flowers)
Mala Noche (Evil Night)
Luna Lunera (Bright Moon)
Nochecita (Little Night)

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  1. I really dig the two (?) LPs EG did with LTPs... Thanks !


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