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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Get On Up And Get Away - The Esquires


Things Won't Be The Same

Get On Up And Get Away
The Esquires
Producer: "A Bill Sheppard Production
Arranger: Tom Tom
Collage and Cover Design: Burt Goldblatt
Engineer: Gerry De Clercq
Recorded at Universal Recording Studios - Chicago, IL
Bunky Record BM 300
A Division of Scepter Records

From the back cover: The Esquires from Milwaukee – four young men aged from 20 to 25 – have to their credit "Get On Up"... the hippest record of the year. Milwaukee, known fro its demonstrations led by Father Groppi who got on up and did something, gets credit as the home of The Esquires. Stalwarts in the music industry are still scratching their heads in amazement wondering where and how this group got their "sound."

Recording for Bunky Records (Bill Sheppard), they write many of their own tunes. Their versatility is excellent and their performance is professional.

From Billboard - December 23, 1967: Featuring their hit "Get On Up" and "And Get Away," this LP is first rate and marks the Esquires' album debut. Their interpretations are fresh and they've got an unusual kick that will keep them on top a long time. The group is loaded with originality as writers, too.

And Get Away
Listen To Me
How Was I To Know
Everybody's Laughing
How Could It Be
Get On Up
My Sweet Baby
No Doubt About It
When I'm Ready
Things Won't Be The Same

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