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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Robert Mitchum CalypsoIs Like So...


What Is This Generation Coming To?

Robert Mitchum Calypso – Is Like So...
Capitol Records T853

From the back cover: For ten months of the kind he likes best, Mitchum followed his Calypso trial, listening acutely to local champions like Lord Melody and Mighty Sparrow, memorizing newer and more intricate lyrics in some small native bistro, absorbing the rhythmic excitement of such festivities as the great annual Jump Up Carnival.

From Billboard - May 13, 1957: This one will  have to be sold mainly on Robert Mitchum's drawing power as a movie star. His current pie "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison," is big box office, which might hypo sales if package is pushed in areas where film is showing. Mitchum warbles capably, but sans any real vocal showmanship or humor on a group of calypsos – some traditional, others new – including one already released as a single, "What Is This Generation Coming To?" Sexy cover shot of Mitchum gives LP good display value.

Jean And Dinah
From A Logical Point Of View
Not Me
What Is This Generation Coming To?
Tic, Tic, Tic
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
I Learned A Merengue, Mama
Take Me Down To Lover's Row
Mama, Looks Boo Boo
Coconut Water
Matilda, Matilda 
They Dance All Night

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