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Saturday, January 26, 2019

La Mejor Marimba Del Mundo - Lira De San Cristobal

La Mejor Marimba Del Mundo
La Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas
De Los Hnos Dominguez
Direccion: Abel Dominguez
Collection De Oro
Printed In Mexico
Orfeon LP-12-202

From the back cover: Today the Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas is practically a national institution in Mexico. When the giant station XEW started broadcasting, it began to train singers and actors which were to be the stars of now. Jorge Negrete, Tona La Negra, Lucha Reyes, Sofia Alvarez, Emilio Tuero, and many others got their start in programs of XEW

The singers were almost always accompanied by La Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas, a marimba played by the Dominguez Brothers, who were also inspired composers and usually gave those struggling their best songs to insure their success, Alberto Dominguez is no less that the composer of "Frenesi", "Perfidia", and others famous compositions which are world known.

Small wonder that both public and artists have such a high regard for them today. You'll enjoy this record which is unique because The Dominguez Brothers, musicians extraordinary, play the music of The Dominguez Brothers, composers without par.

Perfidia (Bolero) Alberto Dominguez
Hay Que Saber Perder (Bolero) Abei Dominguez
Adios En El Puerto (Blues) Ernesto Dominguez
Destino (Bolero) Armando Dominguez
Recuerdos De Ayer (Vals) Armando Dominguez
No Te Oigo (Danzon) Gustavo Dominguez
Frenesi (Bolero) Alberto Dominguez
Mi Tormento (Bolero) Abel Dominguez
Apague La Luz (Cha Cha Cha) Ernesto Dominguez
Mienteme (Bolero) Armando Dominguez
Jardin Sin Rosas (Vals) Gustavo Dominguez
Siglo XX (Polka) Francisco Dominguez

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