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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Think Young - Camarata

All Day And All Of The Night
Think Young
Camarata Featuring Tutti's Trombones
Arranged and Conducted by Camarata
A Promenade Production D41001
Distributed by London Records, Inc.

From the back cover: Think Young was recorded in the Hollywood, California studios of Sunset Sound Recorders. To enhance 20/20 Sound a new Stereo String Room was designed which gives the strings complete separation from brass and rhythm leakage, giving the added plus of being able to keep the strings on an equal level with the rest of the orchestra. Equipment for the radically new 20/20 process includes a specially designed 14 position 4-channel console with equalizers and limiters. Two stereo 4 channel sel-synd 1/2 Ampex tape machines with the new low noise Scotch 201 tape provide the quietest and clearest sound ever heard before. The frequency range is from 20cps to 22,000kcps.


Trumpets: Johnny Audio, Frank Beach, Manny Stevens, Jimmy Zito, Ray Linn
Trombones: Tommy Peterson, Joe Howard, Dick Nash, Gil Falco, Tommy Shepard, Vern Friley, George Roberts (Bass Trombone), Bob Knight (Bass Trombone)
Drums: Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer
Percussion: Hugh Anderson, Jerry Williams
Guitars: Tommy Tedesco, Allan Reuss, Arthur Wright (Fender Bass), Carol Kaye (Dano)
Bass: Cliff Hils
Piano: Ray Sherman
Violins: Israel Baker, Gerry Vinci, Marshall Sosson, Sid Sharp, Arnold Belnick, Emmanuel Moss
Violas: Paul Robyn, Robert Ostrowsky
Cellos: Ed Lustgarten, Eleanor Slatkin, Justin De Tullio, Nate Gorshman
Horns: Vince De Rosa, Jack Cave, Art Maebe, Bill Hinshaw
Saxes: Johnny Rotella, Jim Horn

From Billboard - August 7, 1965: The pop music of today is enhanced by these swingin' big band arrangements of Camarata. He has applied his "Tutti's Trombones" creativeness to such recent hits as "A Ticket To Ride" and "What's New Pussycat," and given them new meaning much in the vein of the big band days. A sales winner for band devotees.

It's Not Unusual
For Your Love
I'll Never Find Another You
A Ticket To Ride
All Day And All Of The Night
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
Little Things
(I Think I'm) Goin' Out Of My Head
Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Tired Of Waiting
Ferry 'Cross The Mersey
What's New Pussycat?


  1. I absolutely love the the brass & rhythm sounds in your sample song All Day And All Of The Night

  2. Just bought a factory-produced reel to reel tape of this recording. Great music and great sound.


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