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Monday, August 5, 2019

Rita Pavone

Don't Tell Me Not To Love You
The International Teen-age Sensation
Rita Pavone
Produced by Joe Rene
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Mickey Crofford
RCA Records LSP-2900

From the back cover: Rita's phenomenal success began in September of 1962 when she won the much-publicized "Competition of the Unknown" in Ariccia, an Italian town outside of Rome. Her competition was immense – but suddenly, when this shy and almost gawky little girl with the Jackie Coogan eyes and the expressive hands stepped onto the platform – something happened. She opened her mouth, and before the first song was over it was quite evident – here would be the unbeatable winner.

In her first year as recording artist with RCA Italiana, Rita's disc sales passed the 3,000,000 mark, an unprecedented feat for Italy. In Germany, her first single recorded in the German language quickly moved to the top of the hit parade. In Argentina, Rita's records ranked one and three on the charts and, as she was heard in Italian, in this case not even the language barrier could stop the tiny trooper from Torino. Festivals are being planned around her personal appearances and, before long, Pavone will assume her first motion-picture role.

Early in 1964, Rita was able to fulfill a long-wished for dream; to visit New York – the mecca of all young popular artists of the day.

She cut this album, her first American-language LP, in the RCA Victor studios on New York's 24th Street, under the supervision of producer Joe Rene. From the very first session, enthusiasm ran high. When you hear this finished product, we believe you will agree that Italy's Rita Pavone has much more than a good pair of lungs and a face that is all eyes – except fo the freckles. Italy's Rita Pavone has a very special kind of talents for singing her heart out.

From Billboard - May 9, 1964: Rita Pavone, Italy's teen-age top-seller, arrived here Friday (1) to start a nationwide promotional tour as part of RCA Victor's all-out U.S. star build-up in her behalf. She is set to appear on the Ed Sullivan show on May 17, and will launch her cross-country tour on May 20.

During her first week here she will start rehearsals with artist and repertoire producer Joe Rene on a single and an LP. The single is scheduled for release May 12, and the album will be issued early in June. According to RCA Victor, Miss Pavone has sold more than 8,000,000 records during the past 14 months, including her sales in Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Japan and other markets.

During her U.S. promotional tour, she will participate in disk jockey hops, on-the-air and press interviews. Some of the cities set at press time include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, Detroit. Other prime markets visits are being arranged.

RCA Victor had launched a teaser ad campaign a month ago heralding Miss Pavone's arrival. Last week, the label started flooding the trade with "Think Rita Pavone" stickers. She is being greeted to this country with a heavy consumer mag publicity campaign arranged by RCA Victor and keyed to the theme that she's Italy's answer to the Beatles.

Remember Me (Arranged and Conducted by Teach Wiltshire)
Wait And See (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaun)
Big Deal (Arranged and Conducted by Teach Wiltshire)
Don't Tell Me Not To Love You (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaun)
I Can't Hold Back The Tears (Arranged and Conducted by Garry Sherman)
Kissin' Time (Arranged and Conducted by Teach Wiltshire)
Just Once More (Arranged and Conducted by Teach Wiltshire)
Like I Did (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaun)
The Boy Most Likely To Succeed (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaun)
Little By Little (Arranged and Conducted by Garry Sherman)
Too Many (Arranged and Conducted by Garry Sherman)
Say Goodbye To Bobby (Arranged and Conducted by Garry Sherman)

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