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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! - Bud Shank

Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!
Bud Shank
Featuring: Laurindo Almeida, Chet Baker, Joe Pass, Clare Fischer & Joao Donato
Producer: Richard Bock
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Design: Bernard Yeszin
Cover Photo: Fred Poore

From the back cover: Recently, I've had the opportunity to send some tape dubs of our North American bossa nova to a friend in Sao Paulo. These dubs included the work of Bud Shank, Clare Fischer, Laurindo Almeida, Joe Pass and the rhythm sections working in the present album. Let me tell you that my faith in certain occasionally disputed truths was immediately reaffirmed. When you listen to Bud with Laurindo playing bossa nova recorded in 1952, you know and I know you're not going to let anybody tell you that these guys didn't start the whole thing. And when you listen to Bud and Clare and Joe Pass play as they do here, as it was recorded in 1963, you're not going to let anybody convince you that these guys weren't right in the middle of the first North American bossa nova craze. In fact, when you tune into Clare Fischer playing his tribute to Joao Gilberto (Carnival) and Jobim's One Note Samba, may I ask you to bear in mind that these two tracks were in an album that critic Gene Lees termed one of the best bossa nova albums ever released in this country – high tribute in the face of the simply gorgeous packages by Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Astrud Gilberto and so many others that almost weekly reach these shores from heartland Brazilians.

Arranged by Julian Lee, a lovely flowing string section is present in this LP that for me, and I hope you, enhances the qualities that I feel are the most lasting – the introspective, the romantic, the quietness of these performances. All in all, the result is one of the very best collections of the bossa nova currently available from our better jazzmen. – John William Hardy

From Billboard - November 26, 1966: An exciting collection of 12 Brazilian tunes given the fossa-jazz treatment by Bud Shank, with top players Laurindo Almeida, Chet Baker, Joe Pass, Clare Fischer and Joao Donato, backed by a lush orchestra. Perfect for both easy-listening and jazz lovers. "Summer Samba" and "I Didn't Know Time It Was" excellent.

Summer Samba (So Nice)
Item A Note
If I Should Lose You
Carioca Hills
Samba Do Aviao
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
The Color Of Her Hair

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