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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Songs Of Vice And Virtue - Julie Meredith

Songs Of Vice And Virtue
Julie Meredith
Imperial LP 12052

Meredith apparently made only two albums, both in 1960 on Imperial. In addition to this set she worked with Rod McKuen and Tak Shindo on a project titled The Yellow Unicorn.

There is not much information to be found on Meredith, including from the back cover of this project.

From the back cover: Because this album is a most unusual undertaking by a most unusual young lady, dealing with a most unusual subject, it may well become a best-seller in today's unusual record market. The live, in-concert performance of Julie Meredith here deals with folk songs and humor – and records by folk singers and humorists are the ones most sought after by discriminating buyers.

Few singers are better able to carry off in a proper vein than the Hati-born, Hollywood raised girl who tried opera and chorale work before discovering that writing and performing folk songs are her true love

Come All Ye Fair
Vaine Ladye Gaye
The Cuckoo
Monday Morning
The Lady And The Unicorn
The Ruined Maid
The Bold Robber

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