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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Concert In Jazz - Earle Spencer

Spencerian Theory
Concert In Jazz
Earle Spencer And His Orchestra
Tops L1532

From Wiki: When (Stan) Kenton was in his Artistry in Rhythm phase, Earle Spencer was running a roadshow version of the same thing. The evidence is on Concert in Jazz, Tops 1532, dimmed by relatively inadequate recording.

There seems to be some discrepancy between the wiki entry, i.e, the Tops release date and when Spencer dropped out of the music scene in "1946".

Wiki: In 1946, Spencer formed his band in Los Angeles after being discharged from the U.S. Navy. Its compositions were progressively styled in the spirit of Stan Kenton, Johnny Richards, and Boyd Raeburn. High-note trumpeter Al Killian, trombonist Tommy Pederson, tenorman Lucky Thompson, trumpeter Buddy Childers and altoist Art Pepper, were among the notable members. Spencer apparently dropped out of music altogether by the end of 1949 – when he was still just 23 – and nothing much has been heard from him since.

Seems like this Tops release (a correct 1957 date) is a decade old republished collection of Spencer's work.

Bolero In Boogie
Soft And Warm
Production On Melody
Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Rhapsody In Boogie
Spencerian Theory
Five Guitar In Flight
E. S. Boogie
Piano Interlude
Concerto For Guitar

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