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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hey, Lover - Johnny Guarnierei

All That Jazz
Hey, Lover
Johnny Guarnierei
His Piano And Orchestra
RKO Records SLP-1002

From the back cover: You take one great jazz pianist; 1 bass; 1 guitarist; 2 drummers; (Eddie Safranski - bass; Mundell Lowe - guitar; Cliff Leeman and Frank Garisto, Jr. - Drums) all of whom are tops in their field, mix well with a good interpretation and you have the solid combination featured in this album, Hey, Lover.

Johnny Guarnieri, whom RKO Records is fortunate to have as the jazz pianist, comes from a family of fine violin-makers. As a result he was exposed to classical music during his early years and due to his fine training and background, is equally at ease playing Mozart as well as popular music. Johnny's first love, however, has always been jazz. America's own musical creation. He employed all the elements of his vast talents into his jazz interpretations and stylings and it wasn't long before the name of Johnny Guarnierei was synonymous with smooth, rhythmical keyboard magic. Johnny worked with Benny Goodman and later join Artie Shaw, where he was a prime factor in setting the style of the popular Gramercy Five. "All That Jazz," contained in this album, is a fine example of the Guarneri mood set to his own musical composition.

From Billboard - March 9, 1959: This low price stereo disk contains some fine piano work by Johnny Guarnierei, accompanied by a talented group of jazz musicians. The tunes are mainly standards, including "More Than You Know," "Body And Soul," "Lover" and "Tea for Two." Stereo separation is good and the LP is a good buy for the money.

Anything For You
More Than You Know
It's A Swinging Thing
Body And Soul
All That Jazz
Keyboard Rhythm
Lover Classical Exercise
Tea For Two There's A Small Hotel

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