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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stimulus Progression Number Two

Temptation Eyes
Stimulus Progression Number Two
SAAB 270 & 271

Arrangers include: Mel Davis, Frank Hunter, Dick Hyman, Al Caiola, Phil Bodner and Nick Perito

From the cover: The selections on each side of the record are placed in an ascending order – from lowest to highest stimulation value. Stimulus Progression produces a psychological and physiological effect – a sense of forward movement which combats monotony, boredom, tension and fatigue.

The concept has been visualized above by artist Raymond D. Harrow who was commissioned to create an original oil painting, reflecting the programming concept and contemporary spirit of this album. With colors, forms and values, he has achieved visually what MUZAK achieves with sound. Appropriately, he has named his work STIMULUS PROGRESSION.

It's Impossible
I Think I Love You
Rose Garden
Temptation Eyes
Black Magic Woman
Love Story
I Really Don't Want To Know
Two By Two
How The Web Was Woven
Keep It Happy

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