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Friday, October 2, 2015

Conversations With The Guitar - Laurindo Almeida

Distribucao De Flores 
Conversations With the Guitar
Laurindo Almeida - Guitar
Martin Ruderman - Flute
Mitchell Lurie - Clarinet
Sanford Schonbach - Viola
Salli Terri - Mezzo-Soprano
Capitol Records P 8532

From Billboard - October 17, 1960: A most classy and artistic production with a cover to match. Almedia shares the spotlight with an inventively conceived ensemble which includes mezzo-soprano voice (Salli Terri), a viola, flute and clarinet. The programs follows its title idea with considerable ingenious musical repartee between the instruments and the voice. Selections are taken from Spanish and Mexican folk lore as well as from the catalog of Villa Lobos and Almeida himself. Cover shows painting of the interesting ensemble at work. Imaginative packaging.

From the back cover: Lauindo Almeida obtained the manuscript of "Distribucao De Flores" from the Office of Ministry of Culture in Brazil. Dated 1932. Rio de Janeiro, it is noted as a "Dance Based Upon Greek Motifs," employing the rhythmic and modal devices of antiquity expressed in contemporary fashion. The flute suggests the pastoral quality of the Pan pipes in the curvaceous, plaintive melody while the guitar recalls the sound of an ancient lyre.

Outstanding set that features the artists working in harmony to create an engaging sonic journey from beginning to end. Thematically solid and a touch experimental for the period. Fantastic!

Vito (Spanish Folk Song)
Distribucao De Flores
Choro E Batuque
Modinha (Seresta No. 5)
Medley: The Frog Song (Sapo Na Toca) / Bia-ta-ta / Benedito Pretinho / First Arabesque
Two Mexican Folk Songs
La Frescobaida For Viola And Guitar
A Dormir Ahora Mesmo (Spanish Cradle Song)

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