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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Greg Morris For You

The Look Of Love
Greg Morris
For You...
Dot Records DLP 25851

From the back cover: To say that this first album by Mission: Impossible: television series actor Greg Morris is unique is putting it mildly. To say that it's in a class by itself is putting it even more mildly. Spoken narration of song lyrics to musical accompaniment is not new, and Greg could have taken the easy way by following he pattern of others who speak, rather than sing, lyrics to orchestral accompaniment with a strong melodic line.

From Billboard - April 27, 1968: Gerg Morris, of TV's "Mission Impossible," has a way with words, especially if they are of a romantic note. His style is in the recitative vein but it's quite musical and relays the mood of songs like "The Nearness Of You," "The More I See You," "Come Rain Or Come Shine" and "The Look Of Love" in a compelling manner.

For Once In My Life
The More I See You
The Nearness Of You
That's All
My One And Only Love
This Is All I Ask
Come Rain Or Come Shine
The Twelfth Of Never
Try To Remember
The Look Of Love

1 comment:

  1. Why? Why, I ask you? Why?
    Is this as corny as it looks?
    I can't imagine "For Once In My Life" being spoken. It's too big a song.


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