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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jungle Mating Rhythms - Chaino

Jungle Crazy Maze Bongo
Jungle Mating Rhythms
Verve MGV-2104

Verve, who pressed some inventive space age material, wasn't sure how to market this first Chaino album suggesting, from the back cover, that "...this music can be utilized as a home session for you own bongo playing." to "...Chaino... has been invited by several psychiatrists to play for disturbed institutionalized patients, and the patients in turn have been encouraged to take up rhythm instruments to further the releasing process."

Also from the back cover, perhaps a better descriptive paragraph: As for Chaino himself, it's relevant to add that he is capable here of drawing a wider range of emotions that you'd expect (given, I think, from the simplicity of presentation) from his material. There is a tenderness, a lyricism one might say, in much of his work that can also turn into a fervent Bacchic ball.

Basically, this is a one-man show, Chaino and his "drums" produced by Kirby Allen. Chaino and Allen produce a range of engaging percussion arrangements occasionally backed by Chaino vocal chants. Nice late 50s package from the cover art to the creative song titles.

Chiano bio on AllMusic

Jungle Mating Call
Voodoo Love
Voodoo Trinidad
Lost Canyon
Love Chant Of The Mau Mau
Seduction Of The Virgin
Rico Tico De Dongo
Mad Bongos
Voodoo Chant
Ora Ora
Jungle Crazy Maze Bongo

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