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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Hits

I Don't Know How To Love Him
Super Hits
Pickwick SPC-3901
A Product Of Pickwick International, Inc.

From the back cover: The hits and the Heavies of today. Flick the dial, let the sound lay on You. Jazzrock blasting big and wild. Funky. The heavy sounds coming in Music of the Woodstock Nation. The black beautiful sounds from the ghettoes of America's shame. Head music in from the coast via Mill Valley and The Strip. Getting the groovy feeling all over. Good vibrations coming down. Superhits are like sounds you dig. Right on! For a little bread. What was the group called that made it happen. Our group is called King's Road. It's a place in Chelsea. Swingin' London. B. A. (Before Altamont). Be free. Dig the way these cats make it happen again. Instant replay. Sounds like the original. Maybe better? Open your head to their thing with someone else's music. It's a commune for hit freaks. People who dig talent, message, love! King's Road are street people. King's Road are the sounds that talk to us. They're saying something. That something is superhits. Superhits all together. Get It Together!

Below the cover image is the original Woolco price sticker.

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  1. Fantastic stuff my friend!!! Anyway I could most kindly request a posting of this entire album? The music really is nice!


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