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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Electronic Music III

Poem By Orhan Veli Kanik
Electronic Music III
Turnabout Vox TV 34177

From Billboard October 14, 1967: A fascinating collection of electronic music styles and collaborations. Pianist George Flynn is expert in Mimaroglu's "Piano Music for Performer and Composer." while trombonist Andre Smith's is equally adept in Druckman's "Animus I." Mimaroglu's "Six Preludes for "Magnetic Tape" also is inventive as is Berio's Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)."

More good stuff from Turnabout that features a blend of approaches that, at times, seem more traditional than "electronic". The mood created is somewhat dark. Excellent stereo engineering.


  1. (i intended to send you this by e-mail, but couldn't find an address ...)
    first of all : best wishes for 2012 ... we're still january so it's not too late to extend season's greetings :-)

    but i'm a bit puzzled about your current sharing policy ... you see, when i last visited your blog (that was early december - shame on me), i managed to grab some fabulous goodies you had on offer, from amazing tiki and lounge to oldtime 78rpm's. i said to myself : "i'll grab the rest later, after the holidays", but it seems now there's nothing left ... :-(

    i know there's an MP3 war on, and that numerous blogspots have perished recently due to DMCA action : understandable then that bloggers take heed and remove download links. is this the case with your blog, too ? - or is there a trick, secret code or an invite needed to reach the tunez i was so looking forward to?

    whatever the case : thanks for the listening pleasure i've had so far, and keep up the good work! your informative and often witty comments are a pleasure to browse! grtz :-)

  2. Hello Sire Of Derek! I know... you can't find email links to anyone here for some reason. Happy New Year! Just last night I received a comment from someone who was besides themselves for not being able to download an album. Thanks for asking. Nothing has changed in my approach and no, I don't have a back door link. On average, posted samples are running about the same number. Although, I've been surprised more often now when I find an album for sale digitally online. I've wondered if online purchase/down loads are increasing as time goes on. It doesn't cost anything to sell music like that, so it wouldn't surprise me to eventually see every record for digital sale. I also realize or think that even CD and digital downloads, in some cases... rights are questionable. Anyhow... I've rarely posted entire albums and I know this pisses people off... but along with violating rights (I'm an artist... so I respect the concept) there is the issue of server space and time. Also, my original intention was to be brief and offer an introduction to the stuff that interests me and to try and post the sample that best represents the work found on the album (although that's a matter of personal taste, I know). I've tried to clarify this on a recent post... but I keep forgetting to add that link to new posts. And, I also hate to see my blog taken down because, even as is, I think it serves a function of introducing vinyl that is often overlooked. And sometimes... divshare goes dark and the links don't show up. That's happened. I go to some lengths not to violate rights... so I try and err on the side of caution. It's not perfect... but I hope the idea that has evolved here works to some degree and folks can enjoy at least the cover image and brief comment.

  3. hi, it's me again. oops, i'm really sorry i gave you the impression that i was whining about the lack of complete downloads - i've visited your site before, and i fully understand and respect your policy on sharing : in fact i couldn't agree with you more!

    in reality, i was wondering about the SAMPLES you once provided with nearly each post (and which i have listened to with so much pleasure :-). are these all gone, too? :-( and you're right about divshare ...

  4. Can you see the two samples posted on this page? I haven't taken any samples down and haven't changed the general number of new additions. The only other thing... mobile devices, including the iPad do not support the divshare player, which is Flash.

  5. oh dear.

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. i've dun it again, haven't i - clumsy ass that i am. i owe you one hell of an apology, mark, for not paying attention and for letting my flash player go obsolete ... :-)

    no wonder the link to divshare remained hidden. but i'm a happy man, now. you see, the remainder of the day will be spent downloading the missing samples and boy - i'm going to enjoy that.

    thankx whole heaps, and mea culpa big time!

  6. Ah! That's good news! I glad I remembered that little quirk. I'm surprised they (divshare) haven't gone to a new player.

  7. I've listened to a lot of Mimaroglu and Berio but I don't know this album. Thanks very much for bringing this gem to light.


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