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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About My Music Blogs

There are (almost) no links on my blog that allow for the download of entire albums.

If you don't see an audio sample posted under the image of the album cover the reason is that the album (at the time of the posting) can be found for sale on CD and or by digital download. Ownership of the material may still be questionable but I always err on the side of caution when dealing with rights.

I've received email from relatives who are happy that their family members haven't been forgotten and from folks who enjoy the more obscure recordings I share online. This blog is for those folks and is not a vehicle to distribute entire works in a wholesale fashion to avoid copy protection.

I own the record posted and the cover image is my scan of that record. I set out to make my blogs an introduction to the works I have collected and I hope that, once your interest is perked, that you can find a copy for your own collection.

With all that said, I do try to provide family members with digital files who no longer have a copy of the original record and or to folks who are more throughly researching a particular artist. But you need to email me and give me some reason to help you out. Even in those cases be forewarned that I sometimes don't file entire records digitally and, due to the way I have to store records, it is almost impossible for me to locate any one album without great effort.

I do apologize to everyone else who has been looking long and hard for a recording. I do my best to try and help anyway I can, but I can't respond to all of the requests I've receive.


  1. I posted some sample tracks from a record, and family members contacted me asking me for specific tracks featuring their grandfather, as they no longer had the recordings. I was able to provide them. That's the best thing my music blog has ever been used for.

  2. I hope those family members haven't been asking for the files to those "Music to strip to" posts!

    Thanks for everything you're doing with the blog. Keep it up!


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