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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Music To Strip By - Bald Bill Hagan

Music To Strip By
Party Fun Songs From The Golden Age Of Burlesque
Bald Bill Hagan And His Trocaderons
Somerset SF-16800

A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
Bumps And Grinds
Frankie And Johnnie
G-String Twist
Night Train
The Stripper
Party Time
Bedroom Blues
Second Honeymoon
Girdles Aweigh
My Heart Belongs
To Daddy


  1. Is this available for download??? ,-)

  2. I just bought this album today at Value Village second hand store for a $1.98.
    haven,t listened to it yet. Will do tomorrow.

  3. Somerset issued two excellent "Strip" albums, the other was:
    SF-27200 - Strip Tease Party - Bald Bill Hagan And His Trocaderons [1967] 
    I'm In The Mood For Love/ Stripper's Delight/ Erotic Fantasy/ C Cup Blues/ Vampin' And Campin'// A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ Fascination/ Koochie Galore/ Cha Bump/ Makin' Whoopee
    Notes: Orchestrated By – "Wild Bill" Holcombe


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