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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Moon And The Stars - Harry Arnold

Star Eyes
The Moon And The Stars
Harry Arnold And His Orchestra
Mercury Records 60088

From Billboard, August 17, 1959: Delightfully orchestrated and performed mood music, with tunes keyed to stars, moon and the celestial scene. The Arnold group features strings and woodwinds in a slow, languorous beat, similar to that heard on earlier Jackie Gleason albums. Attractive listening, well recorded with the only drawback being the lack of name power in the overly competitive mood field.

Yes, when I listened to this album, I also thought of Gleason's work in that the album features a "concept"which Gleason was so good at creating and above average arrangements.


  1. Howdy! I have an original 45 EP single with 4 cuts. I'd never thought I'de see the whole LP one time. THANK YOU so much for this wonderful music!!! Wish it would be available on CD in perfect sound...

  2. Thank you!!!! I have an old EP single with four cuts, now I finally see the whole LP...

  3. Indeed, I would too love to hear the entire album. You have quite a collection!


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