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Friday, August 10, 2012

I've Got You Under My Skin - Pete Fountain

I've Got You Under My Skin
Pete Fountain
Coral Records
CRL 757488

This is badtastical lounge record. Each track is more badtastical than the next.

My Blue Heaven
Louie, Louie
Hanky Panky
I've Got You Under My Skin
Call Me
Born Free
The More I See You


  1. I have another of Pete Fountain's albums on Coral Records(it even features a cheesecake cover like this record here) which is titled "The Shadow Of Your Smile". The album also featured other top hits from that same year. I personally think Pete Fountain's style doesn't do justice to the selections on the record.

    1. I just listened to the LP you mentioned, but didn't blog it for reasons that escape me at the moment. I had a hard time expressing what I thought about this record. If you like cheesy lounge music... you'll love this record, partly because, as you point out, Fountain's style isn't a good match for much of the material. The cover of Born Free is especially interesting.

  2. Pete is very limited, your band is ice, no emotion, thanks for post, but this lp is bad. Alex brazil.

  3. Doesn't the woman on the cover look like Katie Sagal (not sure of spelling) from Married With Children tv show


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