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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jacob Druckman - Animus III

Jacob Druckman
Animus III
Synapse, Valentin for instruments & electronic tape
Arthur Bloom, Clarinet - Alvin Brehm, Contrabass
Electronic tape realized at The Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
A Nonesuch Records commission
Nonesuch H-71253

You can check out a Turnabout album I blogged titled Electronic Music III that features Druckman's Animus I. Now I need to look for Animus II. Why? Because Druckman's stuff rocks. Yes, I know that none of my reviews are very deep.

This recording takes you on a journey to some dark and mysterious land. The best of these records tend to do that for me. They go beyond a collection of interesting sounds and inventive tracks and paint an audio picture of a far out trip.

Jacob Druckman's wiki page.

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