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Friday, July 20, 2012

Peters Township High School Stage Band 70

Dot Dash
Peters Township High School
Stage Band 70
David D. Pew - Director


  1. It's easy to find fault in a performance like this, but it would have sounded a hundred times better if it had been recorded with multiple quality mics, and not recorded in the gym. On the other hand, the sour notes would have been even louder.

    My question is, why did the band leader accept those misshaped notes? When my daughter played in the band, the band leader would have chastised the kids to the point of tears if they hit notes like that.

    It's like the entire band was Third Chair. (Good name for a band, yes?)

  2. That drummer is no Keith Moon KAPOW!

  3. I wondered about the thin sound, and I agree, probably a single mike. I never played in band in hs, but my brother did. Sounds kinda flat, too. But hey, they probably tried hard. Too bad about the missed notes....

    1. Hey Dick. Actually... the sound (engineering) isn't bad for private press considering the period equipment used and probable onsite setup. I've heard a lot worse.


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