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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Is Blue

Whiter Shade Of Pale
Love Is Blue
Academy Award Orchestra
Somerset SF-29900

This is the second budget album on Somerset I've found featuring the same photo, promoting the same studio group. See Gold Award Hit's 67.

The music is cobbled together from other sources. I recognized a tune titled Malibu Sun which is found on Guitars Galore and credited to Monty Kelly. Even though the record appears to be a collection and reissues from 101 Strings LPs it's sort of fun.

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  1. What a thoroughly awkward and obnoxious pose and don't get me started on the hair and clothes. OMG! Where did they dig her up? But this music is sublime!! Love this tune by an orchestra. 5 stars to you for finding it my good sir! (never thought I'd be calling you that)


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