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Friday, April 6, 2012

Impelling Dances Of Our Times - Enoch Light

And I Love Her
Impelling Dances Of Our Times
Enoch Light And His Orchestra
Command ABC RSSD 979-2

Here's a two record set released on Command after ABC purchased Light's label and started to cheapen the product. The jacket is a single pocket with the two records inside rather than the fancy book-fold normally produced by Command. The title is lackluster, especially for the early 70s and the cover art is dull and pointless. The music is probably reissued (Re-Produced for Two-Fer's by Don Thorn). However, all of the tunes play as though they were recorded together for this release, rather than cobbled together from various projects.

With all that said, the music is very good. As heard in the samples above, the collection features that 60s light pop Enoch Light touch that anyone who collects his works knows and loves.

A1Dream Lover
Down By The Riverside
Tintarella Di Luna
Hello, Dolly!
If I Had A Hammer
C'mon And Swim
Night Train
I Want To Hold Your Hand
And I Love Her
Ya Ya
Lemon Merengue
Watermelon Man
Want To Be Happy
Love Potion Number Nine
Too Many Fish In The Sea
The Girl From Ipanema
Come See About Me
Feel Fine
Eight Days A Week
The Jerk
Easy Baby, Go Easy Baby
Any Way You Want It
La Bostella


  1. happy easter ... try not to eat too much chokelatt eggs the bunny landed on your doorstep this morning :-)

    both links lead to 'goldfinger' ... And I Love Her is nowhere to be found. could you correct this, plz? i'm only asking cuz the music is indeed, as you wrote, really fantastic! thanks for bringing it to my attention :-)

    1. Happy Easter to you! I did indeed paste the same link into the page. Thanks much for letting me know! If the files seem to stop abruptly it is because the tracks almost play into each other.


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