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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mondo Cane #2 - Kai Winding

The Mouldau
Theme From Nowhere
Mondo Cane #2
Kai Winding
Verve V6-8573

I listen to a ton of records up here in The Atomic Attic. I find myself becoming complacent listening to the same old stuff even though most of my finds are great fun. I realize that I'm stuck in a rut because every now and then I'll pop a record onto the turntable that surprises me and makes me smile above and beyond. This is one of those records. From the somewhat spooky cover painting by Al Blaustein to the fact that the album was produced by Creed Taylor (who made two great records I have in the collection, Shock and Panic Son Of Shock) to the outer space sound made by the Ondioline, this is a great space age album.

The Ondioline is played on each track by Winding along with Claus Ogerman, Billy Byers and Charles Calello.

Weird and wonderful.

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