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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Go Go Discotheque - Busby Lewis' International Discotheque Orchestra

The Frug/Froggy Frug
A Go Go Discotheque
Busby Lewis' International Discotheque Orchestra
Diplomat Records 2371

Budget label, Diplomat, offers up a hot model on the cover of what turns out to be a super fun album! Total 60s groovy light pop, each tune as fine as the one before it.

This is a somewhat obscure album. I couldn't find any information online to explain who Busby Lewis was. I think Lewis may have been a made up name and the group is a session band. Although Lewis certainly may have been involved in the session somehow.  The songs seem to have been created by the same group with the exception of three nice light Latin tunes that are completely different in sound and added as filler.

None of this is a surprise coming from a budget label. Note the borrowed chord progression from The Kinks You Really Got Me in the sample


  1. Just came by to see the Kinks reference! I need to change my online username to one thing so I'm not a different person on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and elsewhere.

  2. Check out recordings by Frankie Stein and his Ghouls. There's 4 or 5 albums worth, and some were re-released on CD in 2005. It's the same group, but that's all I know. Some of the same recordings are used on those halloween albums with the addition of some monster sounds.


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