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Monday, August 8, 2011

Background Moods

Dreamsville - Max Harris And His Orchestra
Charade - London Cinema Symphony
Autumn Serenade - Dennis Wilson's Cocktail Piano with The Rhythm Quartet
Miserlou - Wally Scott and his "Sounds of Paradise" Orchestra

Background Moods
Music For Your Every Mood
Reader's Digest
RCA Custom

This is a 10 record boxed set (11 records including a bonus disc). Nicely packaged set containing good quality easy listening or light jazz/pop. The musicians/orchestras change from side to side, so the chances of finding the "right" mood are pretty good. And there are a few decent tunes with a 60s vibe to enjoy.

1. In a Moonlight Mood / In a Haunting Mood
2. In A Bewitching Mood / In A Blues Mood
3. Background Moods from the Movies
4. In an Intimate Mood / In A Carefree Mood
5. In a Romantic Mood / In a Wistful Mood
6. In a Sparkling Mood / In a Joyous Mood
7. In a Swinging Mood / In an Exotic Mood
8. In a Spectacular Mood / In a Festive Mood
9. In a Soothing Mood / In a Starlight Mood
10. In a Latin Mood / In a Dancing Mood
Bonus Record - In a Syncopated Mood / In a Let's-Get-Away-From-It-All Mood


  1. Yes, would be good for movies. I might just use Dreamsville myself one day.

  2. NICE! Especially Miserlou! Love all the "Moods" listed!

  3. A tidbit of interesting information: Record #6 "In a Sparkling Mood" contains the only recording ever made of Erich Korngold's overture from the 1946 movie "The Constant Nymph". Apparently, subsequent to this recording, copyright terms disallowed any other recording be made of Korngold's composition. To this day, none has ever be produced.


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