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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Horn Meets The Hornet - Al Hirt Plays Popular TV Themes Of Intrigue

Night Rumble
The Horn Meets The Hornet
Al Hirt Plays Popular TV Themes Of Intrigue
RCA LPM-3716

This set is cool space age brass. The album features pure 60s groovy TV themed camp in the same vein as the fabulous Neil Hefit Batman theme albums I cite as being my amongst my favorite atomic age albums.

The cover is shot as if Hirt and the Hornet just ran into one another in the hallway of the hotel they happened to be staying at.

One interesting note, Frank Hunter gets a mention in the jacket notes for some of the arrangements. Hunter is also responsible for one of the more desirable and hard to find exotica albums, White Goddess, Kapp - 1956.

Additional arrangement credits go to Billy May, Bill Walker and Dick Hyman.

From Billboard - December 3, 1966: And what a meeting it is! Trumpeter Hirt gives the current TV season a solid workout on this top-notch LP that can't miss. The show starts swinging with his current single "Green Hornet Theme" and moves through "Get Smart," "The Monkees" and "T.H.E. Cat," making this a top commercial package.

Green Hornet Theme
The Hornets Nest
Night Rumble
Get Smart
Run For Your Life Theme
Batman Theme
The King Kong Theme
The Monkees
T.H.E. Cat
Run Buddy Run Theme


  1. Awesome! Love the tune and the fact that Hunter did some arrangements! Fabulous score!

  2. I was a huge Batman and Green Hornet Fan back in the day. This album was in my local lending library. I must have checked it out 30 times. When I got older I would still go back to that library and hunt this one album down, they still had it. Every few years I would make a trek to the old stomping grounds and check this out again. The last time I riped it to digital and cleaned up the tracks, then burned it to CD.

    I wonder if they still have it at the Prichard Library on University / High Point Blvd in Prichard, AL?


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