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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ovation Quadraphonic Sound

Jungle Root - Dick Schory
Ovatiton Quadraphonic Sound

This has to be one of the best demonstration LPs I've stumbled across.

First, the engineering is outstanding even on a stereo turntable. The sound is rich, distinctive and the bass is as warm and deep as I've ever heard.

Secondly, I noted that the lead track on side 1 after a collection of sound effects that must have sounded awesome on a quad system is a track by Dick Schory. This was one song that I couldn't find online for purchase/download. I've got a number of Schory's albums in the collection including Supercussion and Music For Bang Baaroom And Harp. Supercussion is an outstanding percussion album. Schory gets big billing, in the jacket notes, as President of Ovation Incorporated. I did not know that Schory introduced quadraphonic sound (in some form) in 1956. The notes go out to say that it took (apparently about 15 years) for commercial equipment to be developed so the technique could become commercially practical.

The music, like on most demonstration records, is a mix of styles and sounds. Some tracks seem dated for the period. But all the songs seem to work together, at least for me. And, I must say, if all records achieved this level quality sonic quality life would be just too sweet!


  1. Great! It sounds like a limbo party on the Starship Enterprise.

  2. NICE! Love it! It does sound like Star Trek soundtrack music!

  3. Hi

    Very interesting post. I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a rip (lossless) of this so i can decode it so people can hear it as it was meant to be heard - in Quad.

    I run a blog dedicated to releasing decoded such albums:

  4. Thank you for your comment. Due to the way I now store albums (plastic bins stacked in my basement)... it is almost impossible to easily located any one record. Otherwise, I would gladly try and accommodate your request.

  5. I've managed to get a copy, and it'll be on the blog, decoded.


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