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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

El Condor Pasa - Paul Mauriat

Melancholy Man
Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra
El Condor Pasa
Produced by Paul Leka for Heather Productions, Inc.
Studio: Les Dames Studios, Paris, France
Mastering: Gibert Kong
Assistant Engineers: Maurice Valencin and Phillppe Lerichomme
Art Direction: Des Strobel
Design: Terry Rose / Bradford-Cout Design
Photos: Stan Malinowski
Philips PHS 600-352
Mauriat creates interest with complex arrangements, unique tempo changes, unusual instruments and subtle well placed electronic effects. Even a cover of "Gentle On My Mind", an "easy listening" song if there ever was one, seems heavier by a deep bass groove.

The engineering is excellent.

Love Story
El Condor Pasa
To Be The One You Love
Melancholy Man
Tonta Gafa y Boba
Black Harlem
My Sweet Lord
Gentle On My Mind
Burning Bridges
Lonely Days
Etude In The Form Of Rhythms & Blues


  1. He does an excellent cover of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, too


  2. Chiity chitty bang bang!! REALLY!Hoe fabulous is that? Mauriat is best know for Love is Blue from the album with the butterfly painted lady on it. Fabulous stuff!

  3. Oh man... I've got that one. So this is the second album... so many records...

  4. So many records, so little many more to buy!!


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