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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midnight On The Cliffs

Midnight On The Cliffs
Les Baxter And Orchestra
High Fidelity Recording T843

Let's start with the stunning cover. Love it!

The title track, the first song on the A side, Midnight On The Cliffs is a wonderful and dramatic piece. The next track is sort of a light pop vocal piece titled Wake The Town And Tell. The song is a jarring transition from the dramatic mood of the first track. Some of the vocal tracks seem out of place on this LP. The instrumentals work best helping to reinforce the "mood" the album cover sets.

This is some sort of mix that Capitol glosses over on the back cover. A mix between soundtrack titles from the movie "Julie" and some of Baxters other work.


  1. FABULOUS Cover! Lex Baxter has done some great stuff. I love him.

  2. Not the best Les Baxter for my taste. For me the best is the cover which looks total Hitchcock. Thanks for the post

  3. "Some of the vocal tracks seem out of place on this LP."

    "Take My Love" and "Wake the Town.. " were both a-sides of a singles in 1955.


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