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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fantasy Pipe Organ And Percussion

A Stereo Fantasy In Pipe Organ And Percussion
George Montalba
Somerset SF-8400

This is a great vintage organ album that contains music that reminds me of Korla Pandit's work.

Featured here are two versions of the stereo release. At this time, I have no idea why there are two different covers.

Apparently George Montalba was really Robert Hunter, an arranger who worked on Broadway for a time. Sometime later around 1989 The High Priest of The Church of Satan, Anton Lavey claimed to be the real Montalba. Which, of course, he wasn't. All of this is outlined in a booklet that comes with a CD reissue of this LP. The CD is hard to find, but you can download the album from Amazon. The several reviews of the CD I found online complain about sound quality issues.

Who would have thought The High Priest of The Church Of Satan would be into exotica organ and percussion records?

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