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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tropical Magic - Korla Pandit

Tropical Magic
Korla Pandit
At The Pipe Organ
Fantasy 3288

Pipe organ music make you all bored? Then you haven't listened to Korla Pandit!

This is another exotic release from the wonderful and mysterious Pandit playing the organ at The Whitney Studio in Glendale, CA. The pressing is on a nice translucent red vinyl.

There is mention on the jacket notes of Pandit's hypnotic eyes that "Wilts women and makes men nervous." Apparently Pandit made such an impression for his appearances on a San Francisco TV station (KGO-TV) that he won a popularity poll 6 months after he was off the air.

You can't help but love the mystic Pandit built up around himself. On this album Pandit is quoted: "Music may not save your soul, but it will cause your soul to be worth saving."

Pandit's percussive style is at the forefront of this album. This is an wonderful exotica effort with exotica staples such as The Beeze And I.

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