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Monday, October 25, 2021

Jan Scobey Presents A Tribute To The Immortal Bob Scobey


Birth Of The Blues

Jan Scoby Presents A Tribute To The Immortal Bob Scobey
The Happy Sounds Of Jan Scobey and Her Dixie Cats
Jansco Records - Desplaines, Illinois

From the back cover: Jan Scobey - Leader and vocalist, was born in Chicago Illinois in 1935. Schooled in an orphanage, her main interests were music and home economics. Jan feels her first introduction to show business started in 1955 when she completed her Finishing School Training and began modeling. In 1956 she was one of the Top Models in Kansas City. She started her career in show business as pantomimist on the show TOP TUNE TIME on KCMO, Kansas City. After a thirteen week run, she returned to Chicago and joined the Gaslight Club. A few years later Jan met and married the last and great jazz trumpeter and band leader, Bob Scobey. They were married but a year and a half when she and the world lost one of its truly great artists. While they were married, Jan had continued with vocal training and also managed behind the scenes of Bob's band. After nearly five years of knowing Bob, loving him, and listening to his music she had been driven to strive to bring you the HAPPIEST music she knows. "DIXIELAND" And so she continues on... with her group known as the HAPPY SOUNDS OF JAN SCOBEY AND HER DIXIE CATS.

Also from the back cover: I would like to thank the fine artists who so ably accompanied me on this recording. They each offered a jazz chorus that will get you swinging every time. Edgar "Jug" Berger, clarinetist, has been with the Dixie Cats, almost a year now. "Jug" has played with such famous personalities as Miff Mole, Danny Alvin, Freddie Masters and Georg Brunis. Jimmy Johnson, one of the top bassist in the country is featured on his finder bass in Ain't Misbehavin'. Jimmy was with the Fabulous Treniers some seven years before joining Bob Scobey's band. Jim Beebe on trombone was also a member of Scobey's band for three years and recently enjoyed a long engagement at the Showboat here in Chicago, heading his own jazz band. Dick Oakley you will remember played with the original Salt City Six for four years and has entertained many fans while appearing in Bill Reinhardt's famous Jazz Band. Dick's big sounding trumpet pours out in Doctor Jazz. Bob Cousins, formerly with the Dukes Of Dixieland, Salt City Six and Bobby Hackett is rated as Chicago's finest drummer. His uncanny sense of time and clever techniques are applauded by many jazz buffs. Eddie Higgins, piano, is noted for his fingering agility. This you will hear on the record, however, I suggest you see him in person sometime. His fingers just glide over the keys swinging every time. Eddie Has appeared with the Duke Of Dixieland, and the exciting Dave Remington Band.

Yes, I can't thank my brothers enough fo helping me to fulfill a dream that is now a reality. A Tribute To the Immortal Bob Scobey - Jan Scobey

Rhythm Saved The World
Varsity Drag
Birth Of The Blues
Bill Bailey
Row, Row, Row
Alexader's Ragtime Band
Doctor Jazz
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Ain't Misbehavin'
Runnin' Wild

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