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Friday, September 10, 2021

They're Playing Our Song - Ralph Flanagan



They're Playing Our Song
Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra
Cover Photography: Phil Howard
IR Imperial Records LP-9052 HIGH FIDELITY

From the back cover: A word about the maestro and the music between these cover. Though he started on the piano much later than most child prodigies, (Flanagan pounded a keyboard for the first time at 17) much of his talent was perhaps instilled by having a home environment in which music played an important role. Ralph's mother was a pianist and organist; at the age of 21 Ralph found himself as the pianist for the great Sammy Kaye band. Following his years of military service, Ralph went to work for Perry Como as staff arranger, and opened with his much heralded band on the ides of March (15) 1950.

Flanagan's drawing power on the road set records that haven't been equalled yet. He still holds the top mark for New York City's Hotel Statler, and in addition, holds similar attendance records at more than 100 other ballrooms and locations throughout the country. He copped every dance popularity poll for two years running; The Billboard, Motion Picture Daily, Downbeat and Metronome. His records and album sales were second only to Glenn Miller among all dance bands of all-time.

All Of Me
Sail Among Slivery Moon
Up A Lazy River
April Love
April Love
Lisbon Antiqua
Secret Love
Who's Sorry Now
It Had To Be You

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